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Looking at Houston-based artist Seth Alverson’s grotesque paintings of bent, severed and swollen human body parts is pretty confronting to say the least, I definitely wouldn’t recommend scrolling through this gallery if you have a weak stomach. In a series of bizarrely realistic portraits of gorily disfigured limbs and meat-like human forms, Alverson makes a mockery of the idealised figures of classical art in a palate of queezy greens, mustards, greys and flesh tones.

In strange contrast to his ‘anxiety-ridden’ tableaux of discomfort and suffering,  Alverson also paints a number of tongue-in-cheek celebrations of conventionally undesirable features in softer tones, from lumpy thighs to saggy breasts and stomachs clad in silky pastel underwear. Connecting the two series is Alverson’s exploration and critique of the human body and the attributes or importance assigned to its various states across a number of social and cultural outlets and institutions.


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