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Short film ‘Bloom’ captures lonely vignettes of everyday Japan

Exploring the dichotomy between people and the cities they inhabit

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In April this year Australian director Julian Lucas went on holiday to Japan and his camera went with him. The result is the short film Bloom.

While travelling Julian discovered a peculiar sense of quiet, desolation, and loneliness amongst the people he encountered. Despite Japan’s frenzy of  lights, trains, and crowds the film focuses on small groups or singular people who have retreated in to their own space, physically or mentally. Julian captures people alone, wandering the streets, buried in telephones—a dull, menacing, and peaceful nothingness below the surface.

The film’s score by Matt Hadley is something special that has to be acknowledge for its cleverness. Sometimes it’s intense and other times it’s scarce, perfectly complimenting the visual feed. “I wanted the soundtrack to be it’s own character,” says Julian. “I wanted the viewer to be as audibly stimulated as they are visually. And I wanted sounds from the real world to contribute to the rhythm and pacing of the piece.”

You can see more of Julian’s work through his production company Wildebeest’s Vimeo page.

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