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Directed by Clayton Vomero, GANG follows a day in the life of three friends as they rap, sing and vogue their way around Staten Island.

The 17 minute film stars two members of the Major Laser dance team; Mela Murder and Denasia Moore, alongside Ghostface Killah’s son; Infinite Coles. Filmed in real-world locations with minimal crew, GANG has a gritty documentary quality, despite the story being entirely fictional. The cast’s performances feel just as real as the locations they are in and Mela Murder’s acting is a definite stand out. It follows the three teenagers over the course of a day as they ride the subway, hang out in a mall, sing, dance, drink, rap, cry and share their experiences, hopes and dreams.

According to an interview with Dazed, Vomero revealed that he is already working on a longer version of GANG as well as some music with the actors and sound designer, Alex Epton.

‘GANG’ is a film for the Tumblr generation that will undoubtedly become one of the most important short films for this generation of young New Yorkers.


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