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Stills: ‘Blooms’ by Justin Lim

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The concept of ‘writers block’ exists across all mediums. For a photographer, perhaps it’s more of a repetitive cycle, where ideas and concepts are harder to come by. The saying “change is better than a holiday” is pretty helpful in the creative sphere. Sometimes it just takes a few switch ups to get new ideas flowing. For Melbourne-based photographer Justin Lim, he’s opted for both change and a holiday wherever possible.

I have been travelling to Japan as much as I can for the past 2 years to take a break from somewhat stagnant repetition of living in Melbourne. The project Bloom represents my fascination with their attention to detail to every craft. The styling for this shoot was carefully curated using garments that I found in Japanese thrift shops mixing with Bridie’s own personal wardrobe.” Here, it’s clear that a change of pace has allowed Lim to capture shots that breathe new life into a familiar setting. 

This can often be the result of travel, where the wonder with which we see new environments is often felt when we reexperience our old settings as well. Returning home allows you to see your own city through the eyes of a tourist, and this can be the key to spotting beauty in places had become mundane, owing to a daily routine.

“Every Japan trip experience never fails to inspire me creatively and it’s safe to say, ideas ‘bloom’.” Repping threads from Visvim, Maison Kitsune, Supreme and Cav Empt, model Bridie Goold emulates this ethos, where the shots depict a marriage between nostalgia and new ideas. Be sure to have a flick though the visual feed in the gallery above.

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