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As one of the first stoner movies you probably watched, The Big Lebowski definitely holds a special place in fans’ hearts. Not only were the characters iconic, but some of the sets were something out of your most baller dreams… even by Hollywood standards. Remember when ‘The Dude’ is sipping a drugged White Russian in Jackie Treehorn’s palace? Well, that palace was someone’s actual home and is now being donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). And no, you can’t hire it out via Air BnB, it’s going to be used as an “educational tool for young architects.” And you can see why—despite being last modified ’70s, the house is super-modern and includes high-roller must-haves like those slide-open glass walls in the bedroom and its very own James Turrell on-site installation (think ‘Hotline Bling). It definitely sounds like a place you’d want to visit, so until you can make it to LA, scroll through some of the building’s details in the gallery above.

Weekly updates