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Weekly updates

CARBON Festival is so damn close now it’s ridiks. Speakers have begun to land in Melbourne including Mr Ricky Powell this morning. The Rickster will be kicking things off tomorrow night at 1000 Pound Bend with his World Famous Slideshow. Ricky Powell is a man who has seen a lot of history and luckily for us, he’s also photographed a hell of a lot of it too. Front-and-centre chronicling the early days of hip-hop and street culture, Ricky has photos and stories for days on his days documenting figures like The Beastie Boys, Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Join Ricky for an intimate evening of slides from his archives with commentary from the man himself. There will also be signed photographic prints available for sale. Bring cash. Buy history.

1000 £ BEND Cinema (Upstairs)
361 Little Londsdale St. Melbourne.
Wednesday April 25th
And you can still cop tickets to CARBON here.