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Colombian artist Juan Sebastián Peláez has unveiled a massive cut-out of Rihanna in her bikini, without a head. This is strange enough on it’s own, but Peláez went ahead and superimposed Rihanna’s face on her chest. It’s part of a series featuring exactly that. Oversized cut-outs of celebrity bodies with their heads removed and super imposed on their chests.

The artwork is titled ‘Ewaipanoma’ and refers to a legend from the 16th century. According to the legend, English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh heard about a mythical race of headless men with faces on their bodies. It isn’t only reflecting on this historical myth but also hints “at the sometimes monstrous body modifications typical of celebrity culture” whilst also “referencing longstanding projections of otherness”.

The artwork is currently exhibiting at the ninth Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art and is on display at the Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art. So if you fancy a trip to Berlin don’t forget to check it out, it’s not easy to miss.

Weekly updates