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5 Pointz, a 200,000 square foot industrial building in New York City was arguably, until its unexpected buff and eventual demolition, one of the premier graffiti meccas in the world. The building contained sprawling works from some of the best graffiti artists in New York and around the world. Kevin Wood, a filmmaker, was hired to document the whole building inside and out for unknown reasons at the time. And 48 hours later, 5 Pointz was no more.

He has compiled his footage into a short film called 5 Pointz in 5 Minutes which was shown at the Long Beach International ‘Shorts on the beach’ event last month. You can also experience the closest thing to actually walking through 5 Pointz by watching the trailer in the photo gallery above, and the video in its entirety here. RIP 5 Pointz!

Luke Karakas

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