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In possibly the celebrity home auction to end all celebrity home auctions, basketball legend Michael Jordan is putting his amazing Highland Park estate up for auction. And now, thanks to Concierge Auctions, you can take a virtual tour of MJ’s digs.

As expected, the place is ballin’ – literally, there’s a regulation size basketball court inside – with nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms (how often do you really need to go?), PG quality putting green, infinity pool, and even a dining table modeled after the actual city of Baghdad, among many, many other features.

Never mind the inspirational soundtrack and overly enthusiastic host, I defy anyone who isn’t the slightest bit tempted by the thought of owning the fully-furnished former home of arguably the greatest baller of all time. Who knows, with the way the housing market has been in the US, you might actually be in with a solid chance of being the highest bidder when it goes to auction on November 22nd.

Check out the video above and prepare yourself for some major real estate envy.