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Olympian and NBA point guard Patty Mills would be used to making headlines. Currently playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Mills is staring down the barrel of the second set of finals in his NBA career. Perhaps less familiar to foreign audiences is Mills’ history maker status, as one of only a handful of Indigenous Australians to have played in the league. This is about to change as the Canberra native, who is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent has teamed up with videographer Rush to bring his story to the world, in documentary, For my People. After spending several months following Mills between his lives in the US and Australia, Rush has released a trailer for the film which can be viewed on its website.

During the 2011 NBA lock-out, Mills returned to Australia briefly to play for the Melbourne Tigers, only to leave the team after nine games to accept an offer from Chinese team Xinjiang Flying Tigers at a figure which exceeded the entire player salary cap for the homeland team. With the Australian sport movie tradition producing pretty much nothing ever, (aside from Strictly Ballroom according to the Wikipedia devoted to the genre) For my People might be set once again to prove Patty Mills is in a league of his own.