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In Tom Green’s hilarious 2002 MTV special ‘Subway Monkey Hour’, the Japanese public are depicted as a nation of well-mannered commuters who rarely show signs of unrest, even when being tormented by one of the most annoying people in the world. Shohei Otomo, one of Japan’s most high-profile independent illustrators has made it his sole mission to change this inaccurate portrayal of his fellow countrymen through a series of amazing pieces that present a ‘stereoscopic’ vision of the twisted underbelly of Japanese society.

In the artist profile filmed for his latest exhibition at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Otomo gives viewers an insiders perspective of the darkness and social unrest that can be found on the streets of Tokyo and how it has influenced his creative process.

The Japanese illustrator’s exhibition will run until November 2nd at Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne.  Also check out the limited edition series of signed and numbered risographs by Shohei Otomo that can be purchased here.

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