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When you’re a kid playing with LEGO, you’re too busy leaving little plastic bricks all over the floor for people to step on to imagine the sheer potential the tiny Danish toys. In Beyond the Brick, Academy Award nominated directors Daniel Junge & Kief Davidson take us deep in the magical and surprisingly complex land of LEGO. I mean let’s be honest here, what do you think is cooler; the original Mona Lisa or one made entirely of tiny bricks? Thought so.

The trailer even features the likes of ‘Lego House’ singer Ed Sheeran. Look out for the perspective changing Brickumentary in cinemas July 31st.

In related LEGO news, WIRED destroyed a giant LEGO Super Star Destroyer in celebration of May the 4th. We’re not exactly sure what the cultural significance of that is, but it’s still pretty awesome to watch. Check that clip out in the gallery above.


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