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Leondardo da Vinci, one of the most multifaceted people of all time, doodled… doodles. That’s right. Doodles, dicks, wangs, penises, whatever you want to call it. Leonardo da Vinci was not unlike all the rest of us.

Though admittedly not as detailed or true-to-life as many of his other drawings, the drawings kind of look like penis horse-chickens. Looks more like the drawing skills of a young child to me. It’s been speculated that it could have been drawn by/inspired by da Vinci’s apprentice, Salai. His name is written right near the hairy butthole component of the drawing. How very homoerotic (not very unusual when referring to Salai). Either way, I wish I had known this information back when I got in trouble at work for drawing dicks all over the whiteboard.

Go forth students, utilise this information eternally as an excuse to always sketch phalluses all over all your notebooks.


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