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Weekly updates

The Unicode Technical Committee, AKA the people who come up with all of the emojis that we know and love, has released some potential new candidates for all your insatiable emoji needs. There are 72 new emojis that have made the cut (how long the ‘shortlist’ was for this round, we’re not entirely sure, but would be frightened to know), so now Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and co. can pick them up, letting the emojis join mainstream conversations everywhere! We’re still waiting on a few of our patriotic suggestions to get the greenlight but there are definitely a few in this pending bunch that will work their way into our URL vernacular pretty soon (plus even more that we’ll use just for the fun of it). Check out the list below for 10 of the hits and misses of the latest release.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

01. Shrug

Perfect for those of us who live in a constant state of confusion and indecision. *Shrugs*.

02. Selfie

Because when is the selfie not relevant?

03. Clown Face

A really creepy clown face that won’t serve any purpose that we can think of other than to give all our mates nightmares.

04. The Squid

Not too sure when this emoji will come in handy…

05. Nauseated Face

For those of you with a weak stomach or for those TMI moments.

06. Lying Face

A not-so-subtle emoji for your white lies.

07. Face Palm

This one will definitely come in handy for those particularly frustrating conversations.

08. Bacon

Meat lovers everywhere rejoice, the bacon emoji is now a thing. Now you can let all your vegan friends know exactly what they’re missing out on in an emoji!

09. Face with cowboy hat

For all of your country feels??

010. Dumpling

Obviously useful for all those late night Asian food cravings. How did we ever survive without a dumpling emoji?