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Weekly updates

Ahhh Mapstone. The Melbourne skate patriarch is somewhat of a legend in these parts. Part Globe team Manager, part band member, part business owner, part father and full time skater babysitter; this guy has seen it all. We thought we’d get him to fill out one of our PRO-files to break up the musings of 19 year olds for a minute. Take it away mappy….

My name is… Anthony Mapstone.

I live… a really, really weird life.

Besides from skating I also spend time… with my two daughters, playing guitar and singing in my band, working with Fast Times Skateboarding stores and managing the Globe team…

My parents always thought I was going to be… locked up in a padded cell.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was… making love to Jessica Alba and keeping it a secret all this time as well as ever getting a girl to sleep with me!

In high school I… was academically great but really sketchy with girls in my class and at lunchtime.

When I’m skating I listen to… my wheels hitting the pavement and people swearing at me from passing cars because I am an old man riding a skateboard.

My liquor of choice after a long day is… REKORDERLIG strawberry and lime cider.

I think long-boards are… a way for those who can’t skate to be able to skate, and a stepping stone for people to appreciate skateboarding, if that makes any sense and also a good form of keeping a skateshop open these days.

My perfect sponsor would be… The Malloof brothers and their Las Vegas Casinos aswell as GLOBE.

The last thing I did that I regret now was… drunk texting.

The perfect girl would be… rich and tolerant of my weirdness.

One place I’ll rather be right now is… spa in the Penthouse suite of the Planet Hollywood Towers , Las Vegas or skating Barcelona spots.

Tomorrow I will be… one day older than I am today.

In ten years time I will be… a distant memory is some peoples lives and hated by them…