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It probably feels like nothing else happened yesterday besides Kanye West’s epic Madison Square Garden fashion show and album listening party but the production isn’t quite over yet. Not only are we still waiting on the actual release of the album (it’s coming today, apparently, and not without some more last-minute additions) but Kanye has broken character and continued to speak on his work, despite saying he wouldn’t be answering any questions until Monday. Since the broadcast of the show, and particularly¬†The Life of Pablo, a few people have taken issue with some of his lyrical content but Kanye is here to set the record straight… we think. Just check out his nine-plus point argument about the whole thing in the gallery above.

The Life of Pablo is reportedly releasing today (although, as always, we’ll wait and see) but in the meantime, Kanye has dropped another G.O.O.D. Friday cut, ’30 Hours’, below.

Weekly updates