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Amazon’s Prime Now service offers the intensely impatient the ability to have items delivered to their humble abode in one to two hours; all for the low, low yearly price of $99 USD. Already a futuristic feature in itself, the folks over at Amazon Seattle have decided to take things one step further, and to offer liquor delivery in the same exceptionally short time frame.

No longer, will Seattleites lose precious time briefly hopping in their car, begrudgingly sober, in preparation for a night of debauchery. Scenarios where you look around the room at your house party, and find not a single designated driver to be your saviour, are a thing of the past. In fact, with this speedy new iteration of the service, you can not only already be drunk when you order it, but also potentially in your pyjamas.

The one-hour delivery service requires further charges of $7.99 USD each time that it’s used, creating a problem for those users that have a tendency to start making it rain after a few shots. The scheme, clearly the future of fuelling alcoholism, will coincide with a similar service for restaurants. This means that essentially, for those lucky enough to both live in Seattle and have a Netflix account (or still remember their ex’s password), there is almost no reason to ever leave your house again. Check the gallery above for a brief video rundown.


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