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Amber Rose emulates iconic feminist figures for Paper Mag

Ft. Rosie the Riveter, Pussy Riot, and Gloria Steinem

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Amber Rose has continued to spread the good word about feminism and all things gender equality by posing as famous feminist icons in a photo shoot for the latest issue of Paper Magazine. The shoot sees Rose emulating wartime symbol Rosie the Riveter, punk rockers Pussy Riot, 1920s actress Marlene Dietrich, second-wave feminism leaders Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes, and suffragette Susan B. Anthony. She also stars as herself.

Rose has emerged as a prominent and outspoken women’s rights and sex positivity figure in recent years, with the model and rapper declaring herself a ‘reborn’ feminist after a number of high-profile relationships ended with her being shamed and degraded over her open attitude to sex and sexuality. Earlier this year, she led her own SlutWalk through the streets of LA, where she gave an emotional speech on her personal experience with sexism and slut-shaming from both the men in her life and the wider community. At this year’s VMAs, she also teamed up with model and video performer Blac Chyna to wear subversive matching outfits that featured sexist insults and slurs: reclaiming the derogatory terms, while also challenging their omnipresence within society.

You can check out Rose’s awesome ode to famous feminist gals in the gallery above.

  • Words: Juliet Mentor

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