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Attention: Rick and Morty are (kind of) back

With these claymation 'non-canonical adventures'

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Rick and Morty are infamous for their off-the-beat animated adventures, and now they’re back… well, kind of. Co-creator Dan Harmon previously announced that a new series would arrive by the end of this year, but we’re yet to witness any full length episodes. In the meantime however, Adult Swim have released a series of brief clips filled with Rick and Morty goodness. The 15 to 30 second snippets pay homage to a gamut of horror/thriller flicks like Halloween, The Thing, and Ex-Machina. The clips are directed by British filmmaker Lee Hardcastle, who has garnered a cult following for his quirky claymation videos. So until Rick and Morty is actually back in full swing, these weird and wonderful mini film spin-offs will have to keep us satisfied.

  • Words: Maki Morita

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