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Weekly updates

Staff at Carlton and United Brewery are threatening industrial action at the company’s Abbotsford headquarters, as ongoing pay negotiations have stalled. The company is responsible for manufacturing Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, and Crown Lager — aka the holy trinity of beers to drink while watching the footy.

There have already been two hour-long work stops on sight, but management have been quick to downplay any affect on beer production. A spokesperson for the brewery has stated that they’re confident that “There’s plenty of beer for the grand final.” But have also promised that the company will be keeping any eye on logistics to make up for any potential shortfall.

Victoria seems to be having a rough strike-wise at the moment — with trams, trains, and taxis all taking industrial action in the past month. Still, denying the state’s public a cold beer to drink during the grand final seems like playing with fire. Imagine if meat pie manufacturers went on strike as well, we’d probably end up in some sort of Mad Max-esque post-civilisation wasteland.