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Weekly updates

So what do you do if you’re one of the world’s most famous women, in Melbourne for the day?

You pose on the porch of a derelicte white weatherboard house in a white fur coat, leotard and heels and send the civilians nuts, that’s what you do.

Taking time out to hit Melbourne’s inner north, Bey was spotted on Beith Street in Brunswick, in what appeared to be a photoshoot.

The Melbourne suburb was abuzz as Beyonce was spotted, snapped and spread across social media.

Already spawning some pretty hilarious parodies, most playing on the strangeness of a situation in which American pop royalty met Melbourne reality head on.

Why Brunswick? Perhaps it was just enough grunge to contrast her Queen-Bey-Mrs Carter-run-the-world persona.

Fitzroy, St Kilda, Balaclava and you others on the inner-suburb grunge meter keep an eye out, you might be next.

Check out the gallery above for the pics/tweets/madness.

Hannah Scholte