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Weekly updates

Step 1 to feeling shit about your New Years Eve celebrations – look at celebrity photos on Instagram. Just face it, their parties will always be better than you sculling goon and dancing in the backyard of a friend of a friend of a friend’s share house somewhere in Brunswick. First up is Beyoncé. Queen Bey bought in the new year at Diddy’s party, surrounded by a bunch of other awesome and very rich people. Spike Lee, Robin Thicke, Rick Ross and Drake were on the guestlist, as well as ex-Destiny’s Child pals Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Beyoncé was even seen getting down to her own tune “***flawless”, and it’s not even egotistical, it’s just awesome.

Meanwhile, RiRi was busy playing hostess with the mostess to a bunch of friends, including Cara Delevigne, holding a lavish dinner party, that appeared to be black-and-white themed, at her place in New York. RiRi looked totally glamorous, as did Delevigne – the exact opposite of what anyone wants to see scrolling through Instagram, hungover as all hell on New Years Day. RiRi and her crew supposedly partied on until the early morning, and most likely still looked really really good whilst doing so.

But it’s okay, there’s always next year.

Adriana Barro