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Many have longed for more Breaking Bad since the highly acclaimed TV series drew to an end and while we’ve since been treated to spinoff series Better Call Saul, it’s only been enough to tide an audience over that’s still mourning the original show’s finale.
To help ease the pain, inspired YouTube user LioN KoLLA has taken it upon himself to recreate scenes from the hit TV series inside the Grand Theft Auto gaming engine and the result is pretty astonishing.

The 2-minute clip serves as an ode to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s early adventures- except for the weird invisible pole dance at the end of the clip. We don’t know what that was all about.
Seeing the iconic yellow suits and camper-van-turned-active-drug-lab in an open world game certainly invites us to ponder the possibility that one day we will see the duo return to takeover our consoles. We can only hope.

Check out LioN KoLLA’s recreation, set to the series finale’s closing song ‘Baby Blue’, in the gallery above.

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