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The topic of Australia Day has been a polarising one for many years and yesterday’s public holiday was certainly no different. Massive protests were staged all over the country in solidarity with the Aboriginal community in an effort to change the date of our ‘national day’ from one that signalled the beginning of a very dark period in our country’s history. While most of these protests were peaceful and community-minded, a select few took a more daring approach, such as this Brisbane group who decided to graffiti an entire train carriage.

According to news reports, a crew of up to 12 people sprayed the carriage with the colours of the Aboriginal flag, including the phrase “One Mob”. This is said to have occurred very early yesterday morning while the train was stopped at Dutton Park station. Police were called to the scene but were not able to get there in time to apprehend anyone.

Images of the train have since popped up (and disappeared) from Instagram and, like much of yesterday’s protest action, the piece recognises Aboriginal people as the original custodians of this country and continues to push for their recognition as such. Of course, reactions to the piece have been strong and varied, with some on social media questioning the method of protest and others denying the importance of the message. Sure, the action itself was a little disruptive but it also drew much needed attention to an issue that our leaders so often choose to ignore. See the news report below.

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