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I know they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but honestly, who doesn’t buy a magazine off the influence of the cover image? I’ll admit it, I do – but maybe I’m just a generally judge-y person. Anyone in publishing will know you choose your covers according to #relevance and, while the content should (and hopefully does) really speak for itself, it’s a harsh reality that a good mag cover will move product. And a bad one…welp, they’re the ones probably gathering dust or being prepared to be shipped back to the publisher. But what if the cover is so bad, it’s good?

Internet-heavy comedy show and ‘home of #HashtagWars,’ @midnight is exploring this exact concept in its latest call-out, prompting fans to contribute to #RuinAMagazine. As such, folks have taken to Twitter to submit their parody magazine covers and title ideas, with some pretty hilarious results. I mean, Manatee Fair?! I die. And would buy. Of course, there’s a healthy amount of shade (and culturally insensitive shit) chucked in because the internet but generally it’s good for a few chuckles.

We’ve collated some of our favourites in the gallery above. Check out more, or join the conversation, via #RuinAMagazine.