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In what could possibly be the most un-Australian business move ever, a Sydney pub has moved to enforce a ban on high-vis as part of a new dress code. The Village Inn, located in the apparently trendy and increasingly upmarket suburb of Paddington, has transformed itself from the once aptly named Durty Nelly’s to a colonial-themed restaurant and bar. The Village Inn, once popular with local tradesman, now offers Delicious Morsels, Burwiches, and Sweets and Cheese, as well as promising to transport you back in time to colonial Paddington.

There has of course been some backlash, with the Australian Workers’ Union claiming that The Village Inn now treats tradies like second-class citizens, segregating the working class from the upper class. While this is a pretty drastic statement, it’s certainly a pretty dick move to ban a piece of clothing that is worn for safety in lieu of remaining attractive to yuppies hungry for a cheese platter. Tradesmen and tradeswomen are arguably some of the most important contributors to the Australian economy, and indicative of the hard-working, “shut-up-and-get-it-done” ethic that seems to have been forgotten by Paddington’s time-travelling Village Inn. The least you can do is serve them a beer.

Kyle Setch

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