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As one of the first timezones to enter October 21 2015 aka Back to the Future Day, Aussies have really been getting into the spirit of the movie. From police to politicians, and even Doc Brown himself, it seems like everyone has taken to social media to showcase their love for the ’80s classic film.

Mount Isa police have definitely invested some time to the cause, editing a photo of their officers on hoverboards with a story about pursuing a 17-year-old male who crashed a silver sedan after doing “88 miles per hour”. Nice one guys.¬†New South Wales Premier Mike Baird rocked up to work in an actual DeLorean (driving, not flying, unfortunately). Ford’s V8 Supercar team decked out their own version of a time machine (using a Ford, obviously). Everyone’s getting into it.

Just a look at your Facebook events tab will probably show that there are numerous BTTF-themed happenings tonight, so don’t think your news feed is about to quieten down anytime soon. Take a look at some of the examples in the gallery above.


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