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DOOM is arguably the most iconic video game of all time. It’s used as a spec standard when hacking technology not intended to run games (from printers to frigging ATMs) and its characters and setting have pervaded all elements of pop culture, from Smashing Pumpkins songs (3:40) to Simpsons Comics. It was then only a matter of time that someone with a fuckton of Lego bricks decided to turn the 21 year old video game into a child’s plaything.

Okay, so these models are so well made you probably wouldn’t let your kid touch it, but don’t deny you’d love a half hour alone to play with it yourself. The details are incredible, from the little shotgun shell boxes to the red brick exit wounds, and the whole set up makes me want to suspend everything I own with tiny clear Lego bricks.

The two level, four room set was built by block junkie Iain Heath, known as Ochre Jelly on Flickr, who has previously built sets based on Studio Ghibli films, Futurama, Star Wars and perhaps most bizarrely, UK cult detective series Life On Mars. Check out the best of his stuff up above including my personal favourites Stephen Hawking and Hodor. Just try not to think too hard about the fact that this dude has achieved more with childrens’ toys than most of us have with our entire lives.


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