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Donald Glover gets back-to-back wins at the Golden Globes

"Atlanta" wins Best TV Series for a comedy or musical

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So, we were feeling pretty bummed out on behalf of our west coast readers when major drawcard Childish Gambino pulled out of Falls Festival’s Fremantle leg. But now it seems as though the cancellation was worth it (sort of): Donald Glover has won the Golden Globe for his creation Atlanta in the category for ‘Best TV Series for a comedy or musical’.

“I just really want to thank Atlanta, and all the black folks in Atlanta,” Glover said, in his acceptance speech. “Like, for real, for just being alive and being amazing people. I couldn’t be here without Atlanta.” Pretty powerful stuff. After that, he then went on to thank Migos. “Not for being in the show, but for making ‘Bad and Boujee’. Like, that’s the best song, ever.” Cue a somewhat lacklustre round of applause and nervous laughter because, let’s face it, how much of the Golden Globes crowd is really that familiar with Migos? Naturally, Twitter has had some pretty amazing responses to the shout out.

But that’s not all, the consummate artist followed up the series’ win with an individual accolade – Best Actor in a TV Comedy. All praise Donald. We think a celebration is now in order. So, sit yourself down with a drink in hand, and check out his tunes ‘Me and Your Mama’, ‘Redbone’, ‘Stand Tall’, ‘Baby Boy’, from his already acclaimed record “Awaken, My Love!”, in the gallery above. SMH, what can possibly be in store for him next?

  • Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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