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Comic book fans will be familiar with the Ultimate Marvel comics line; a ‘what if?’ reimagining of some of the most beloved and well known heroes and worlds of Marvel. It’s the Ultimate series that turned Nick Fury into an eyepatch wearing Samuel L Jackson body double on paper, eventually influencing the casting decision that saw Sam L himself pick up the role on film.

Now, after a lengthy Twitter campaign and visual hints that he wanted it oh-so-badly (dude wore Spidey PJs in a Community ep), Donald Glover is getting the chance to portray his favourite childhood hero, although probably not how he imagined. Gambino is set to appear as Miles Morales, the half-hispanic, half-black teen Spiderman holding New York down in the Ultimate universe in animated Disney series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

It all gets a little convoluted from there but it’s an interesting choice. Current live action Spidey Andrew Garfield has said he’d like to see the next film reboot be centred around Miles Morales. Could this be a bit of a screen test for 30-year-old Glover to play a central role in an angsty teen hero reboot? There’s a couple of quick clips from the upcoming episode floating around (check one out above!) and while Glover no doubt makes an excellent Spidey, it’s a little hard to believe he’s supposed to be on the cusp of adolescence.

What do you guys reckon? Is it time the web slinger got a mix up? Would you watch a Gambino headlined Spidey reboot? Would he reveal his secret identity via a lengthy Instagram diatribe? Let us know in the comments.


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