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Who ever thought that we’d get to the stage where we need stick figure graphics to show us how to take a safe self portrait? Numerous accidents–and even deaths–over the past 12 months caused by the simple act of taking a selfie has caused Russian police to release a ‘Safe selfie’ guide.

I know what you’re thinking, “How dangerous can a selfie really be?” Well, according to AFP, two young men blew themselves up while taking a selfie with a grenade…with the pin pulled out; a 21-year-old woman was seriously injured when she accidentally pulled the trigger on the gun she was posing with; and, of course, we are well aware of the daring trend of rooftop selfies.

These are pretty extreme circumstances but enough of a reason for Russian authorities to publish a ‘Selfie Safety’ class to prevent something that requires some basic common sense, really. Take a look at some of the bizarre examples they call upon, in the guide above.

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