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A San Francisco start-up is changing the cannabis delivery game, by offering delivery via drone. The company called Trees (inspired by the popular subreddit) is currently selling weed sample boxes, costing from $99-$149USD.

Trees currently offer three different weed boxes: The Bud Box, The Extract Box, and Beginner Box, which are delivered immediately, provided you order during business hours. You can even pay in bitcoin and order via SMS.

At the moment they only deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area, via ground. Their application to deliver by drone is still pending, as the US aviation authorities have not yet finalised legislation to cover commercial drone operation.

Once the legislation is in place Trees hope to have distribution centres across the US, flying weed to everyone who needs it, or at least can legally buy it. Next thing we need is pizza delivery by drone and I’ll never have to leave the house again.

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