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In yet another incident caught on social media, one eager Australian rugby fan has found himself in trouble with his girlfriend after inadvertently being caught out in a lie by Mastercard. The credit card company, who is a major sponsor of the Rugby World Cup, posted a photo of an ecstatic Matthew Hannibal to Facebook last week. Hannibal then responded to the post, claiming that the photo had effectively ended his relationship, as he had told his girlfriend he was actually travelling to London for work. Whoops.¬†Mastercard, apparently being the ultimate bro, have offered to make it up to Matthew by shouting him and his lady a romantic ‘make-up’ dinner. Not sure whether or not this was a clever ruse to score a few extra free tickets to rugby matches, but it’s definitely gotten a lot of attention on the internet in the last day or so. Take a look at the exchange in our gallery above and people, please stop lying to your partners.

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