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Weekly updates

Melbourne-based artist, Drewfunk, KNOWS his food…and when a Malaysian-born dude tells you where to eat Malaysian food, you should probably listen to him. Drewfunk gives us his guide to eating in Melbourne town and what he eats when he’s not consuming paint fumes.

My top 3 fave places to eat in my town are…Don Don, Coconut House, Victoria Market

If you go to the above, order the chicken curry at Don Don, nasi lemak at Coconut House and from the Vic Market seafood section, a dozen fresh oysters/half a kilo of cooked prawns

The best junk food can be found at… Lord of the Fries

If I had money to burn, I’d eat at… Sushi Train, Melbourne Central

One food I can’t live without is… Hokkien noodles (my people’s noodles)

The last thing I ate was… vegetarian laksa with extra grilled eggplant

A food I can’t stomach is… raw veggies

My signature dish in the kitchen is… steamed fish with ginger & garlic

Breakfast? Yay or nay? Yeah!

The country with the best food I’ve been to is… Malaysia, no doubt!

When I’m hungover, I crave… oily burgers

My last meal would be… a seafood banquet

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