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In this world of over-the-top, overpriced, over-packaged household and consumer goods, Muji is a shining, simplistic beacon of hope. Named from Murjirushi Ryōhin, meaning “no brand quality goods”, Muji is still instantly recognisable with its minimalistic design and lack of branding. The company maintains a strong commitment to recycling and waste avoidance in both production and packaging.

Muji began with a product range of 40, now this number is at over 7000, and has included an everything from stamps to an automobile. And now, this range includes Muji’s own line of carbonated beverages. Popping into the soda game, the flavours include cola, peach, orange, mango, apple, and lemon-lime.

Unfortunately, like much of Muji’s food range, the soda will only be available in Japan for the time being. A 245mL bottle of cola costs ¥150 (approximately $1.78 AUD). And considering Pepsi’s complete advertising mess with Kendall Jenner is still fresh in many people’s minds, it may just be the perfect time for a new cola option to hit the market.

Weekly updates