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Weekly updates

Last week it was reported that Facebook had conducted one big experiment on us. Well on hundreds of thousands of users (probably you) by emotionally manipulating the content on their feeds with no consent. To me this is no real surprise because the internet sure ain’t sacred no more but a lot of people still felt rightfully violated.

In response to this, Lauren McCarthy, a programmed from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program felt inspired enough to create a browser extension, Facebook Mood Manipulator.┬áTake that, Zuckerberg!

The extension lets you recreate the Facebook experiment on your own feed. In other words you get to choose how you want to feel – “positive”, “negative”, “emotional”, “aggressive” etc and it skews your friends posts visible to you.

Whilst this may not change your life, it could change your day. If only there was an option though to block people’s baby and pregnancy posts. Spare me.

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