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Do you remember chatting to your mates on MSN Messenger and spending countless hours playing Tetris, checkers, 10 pin bowling and whatever other games your dial-up internet could load? Facebook has now confirmed it is in talks to bring the controversial ‘Facebook Messenger’ application closer to those glory days with gaming support in the works for the app. The details so far on the update aren’t solid, but there’s talks of expanding Messenger’s in-app store to accommodate an expansive library of downloadable features. Considering FB is where most people have the widest range of online social connections, it’s an interesting indication of things to come – especially if they put an emphasis on multiplayer experiences for more than two players.

The announcement could be a welcome addition for the 6 million users of the application, many of whom expressed frustration at Facebook’s decision to split Messenger from the core Facebook application earlier this year. It’s true, now you can send GIFs and emojis, but people need a bigger motive to be bouncing between text messaging, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger. Could playing Candy Crush and FarmVille with your friends be the point of difference the company is looking for? We’ll have to wait and see.

Luke Karakas.


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