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Weekly updates

You know when you agree to go on a date with someone that you’re not into and you ask your best friend to call you halfway through so you can leave, and your friend gets too into watching some TV show and forgets to call. You get stuck kissing your date and trying not to swallow their tongue. Worst.

Apparently now you don’t need friends, you just need an iPhone and the Tickle app.

Tickle uses your phone’s accelerometer and runs in the background to detect awkward movements on your phone. Such as scratching, awkward tapping and fondling. When it recognises such movement, it generates a random ‘important emergency’ phone call to get you the hell out of the situation you’re in.

At the moment  it’s hard to tell from their website whether it’s real or not. But hey, if it is, boom! If it’s not, go suck up to all your tech-friends and get them to create it.

No one likes a bad kiss.