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Weekly updates

This week on ‘So You Think You’re a Cooker?’ a Florida trio have been arrested in a shake and bake meth lab after throwing a sink and a toilet out a window and letting off several rounds of ammunition to deter imaginary intruders.

Matthew McDaniel, 30, Damian Hines, 21 and Madison Douglas, 18 caught the attention of a passerby last Sunday morning, urging her to call the police as they had been held hostage in their home for hours. When officers from the Jackson County Sheriff’s department arrived to investigate, it became evident¬†pretty quickly that they had not been broken into and had in fact ripped a toilet out of the floor and fired a bunch of guns inside the house, to protect themselves from hallucinated attackers.Douglas also insisted she had been stabbed and had the snapped blade lodged in her abdomen, referring to a small self-inflicted scratch on her stomach.

I know this all sounds fun and glamorous and not terrifying, so now is probably a good time to remind you never to do meth because it will RUIN YOUR LIFE.


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