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In a video shared on (ahem) April 1, the Google Maps division announced that it is hoping to fill a vacancy for the position of Pokémon Master. In order to get the job all you have to do is complete “the most rigorous test known to man”: just like Ash, your task is to find and catch all the world’s Pokémon.

Simply clicking on the Pokéball icon on the latest version of Google Maps for iOS and Android will set you off on the classic quest of all aspiring Pokémon trainers. From here on in your map will feature hundreds of little Pokémon spread across the globe for you to track down and find. Google has gone all out for the mini-game, with maps featuring HQ as Pokémon Lab, and cartoon houses reminiscent of the days of Pokémon on Nintendo.


A Charmander caught by the ACCLAIM office

Go, now, and catch all 150 Pokémon and seize your (definitely not fictional) role as Google Pokémon Master. Good luck. And remember to catch them is the real test, to train them is the cause… Pokémon!

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