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Weekly updates

Los Santos and Blaine County residents have reported rioting in several suburbs ahead of next weeks upgrades. The power of the latest consoles hardware is about to be truly realised through online first-person perspective, up to 30-player group sessions, advanced character customisation and double the props in the creator tool. Yes, this is kind of a big deal.

Rockstar have obviously learnt from Apple’s mistakes though when it comes to controlling consumer expectations on big drops, releasing a statement explaining that “We have, of course, tested the game extensively but there is no way our several hundred testers can be quite as comprehensive as millions of players! Please bear with us should any issues arise – we will be working hard to fix any problems that arise, and generally ensure this launch is as smooth as possible.”

Players can also expect a Title Update to be made available for download on both consoles by early Tuesday morning that will include some last tweaks and optimisation fixes for game day.

Prepare to not see your boys for a few days.

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