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Weekly updates

Everyone knew what a monster GTA V would be when it was finally released, but today’s announcement from Take Two Interactive stating that it has reached $US1 billion in sales within the first three days, faster than any other entertainment product ever, reaffirms the idea that this is the game release of our generation that could finally shift the tide in the perception of games.

Clocking in a record $US800 million in first-day sales, the success of this series, along with the similarly popular Call of Duty franchise, must make the bigwigs over in Hollywood shake in their boots. As a consumer, the benefit from this is that more money will now shift towards the development of games for the next-generation platforms, and we’ll have more complex, detailed and immersive games that we could ever imagine moving forward. Imagine, a GTA map with¬†even more¬†strip clubs and carnage!