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Weekly updates

So surely you’ve heard about this guy by now: bored at home one afternoon, craving potato salad and not really being able to afford it, Zack Brown posted the “venture” to Kickstarter with a $10 goal. A week later, Zack has raised over 40K in donations for his potato salad and has everyone on the internet headbutting their keyboard in jealous rage! The online venture has probably landed Zack enough cash to create what should be the world’s biggest potato salad, not to mention a future in copy-writing.

Zack started off his ad with the simple proposition, “Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet” before adding risks like “It might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad.”

Benefits for donating include Zack “saying your name out loud while making the potato salad.” for a $1 donation, or, for the $20 “POTATO MADNESS” level, Zack will, “write you a personalised, potato-salad themed haiku” (Zack now has 4 haiku’s to write).

With currently more than 5000 backers committing to the potato salad, and a $40,000 kitty that keeps getting heavier, Zack has decided to hire a venue for the official making of the potato salad, “invite the whole internet to the potato salad party” and stream the whole thinge live.

Well played Zack, but I kind of hate you.