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They say too much of a good thing can be bad and that’s probably true in most cases but there are definite exceptions. Right now, Netflix series Stranger Things is having a real moment, as is writer/rapper/actor/comedian Donald Glover. The latter currently has his own excellent television series, Atlanta, airing via FX and it’s got fans hooked just as hard as those of the creepy ’80s nostalgia fest that is Stranger Things. It’s not unsurprising that there would probably be a large cross-section of fans between the two shows and one of those saw it fit to combine the pair, kind of. In the internet winner that is the mash-up, this particular fan (kmlkmljkl) has edited some choice Childish Gambino bars from ‘Bonfire’ over the now famous Stranger Things theme song. The end result isn’t bad and may serve as inspiration for an actual TV mash-up of the two hit shows. One can dream.

Weekly updates