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Sony and Nintendo might be mortal enemies right now, and for as long as we can remember, but there was a brief moment in tech history where they tried to work it out. In the early ‘90s, there was discussion of a collaboration between the two tech giants which resulted in the showcase of a co-branded gaming console. Put away as an urban myth, images have now surfaced (thanks, again, Reddit) of the elusive Nintendo PlayStation.

Shared by the son of a Sony-affiliated businessman, the console is a straight Frankenstein’s monster. It features the very familiar Super Nintendo controller, with a console that appears to take the SNES game cartridges AND CDs, which are, of course, the PlayStation-preferred method. Take a look at the images of this gaming relic in our gallery above and set aside some time to fantasise about what mash-up games could have eventuated from this marriage.


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