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Most wouldn’t think of messing with a terrorist but peeps on Japanese social media have given no fucks.
Countries and political leaders typically follow the common idea that they will not negotiate with terrorists as a way to show resistance against threats and now, Japan is displaying a new way that they believe a country should deal with menacing threats and that is to remove power and render a group impotent through humour.

ISIS released a video last week with two Japanese journalists, Kenji Koto and Haruna Yukawa, being held hostage and the Jihadists demanded $200 million ransom. The hashtag  #ISISクソコラグランプリ (translation: “ISIS crappy collage grand prix”) is spreading across the internet with photoshopped Twitter memes.  It has been used almost 250,000 times and growing with video stills taken and made into cartoons. While some deem it insensitive to parody the situation while the lives of the journalists are still uncertain, it has garnered attention as an interesting way to show the unity and resilience of a country.


Shalane Kerr