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Florida is quickly becoming the home of what-the-fuckery – just peep the Twitter account. Building on this odyssey is Jasmine Tridevil (Tridevil…?) who claims to have had a third boob surgically implanted in a effort to score a reality show on MTV.

Is this a hoax? An insane viral marketing ploy? That remains to be seen.

The 21-year-old Florida woman has said that she paid $20,000 for the stunt, which you might totally recall from somewhere else. The procedure was paid for with money that she says she got from being a “licensed massage therapist” who is making “really good money.”

The topic came up in an interview by Real Radio where she also confessed to being a Criss Angel fanatic. Last year she booked out the whole front row to one of his shows with some of that massage money.

Also notable for any of those questioning her sanity is this one:

“Well, I am crazy. But, see, crazy people don’t know that they’re crazy, so technically I’m not crazy”

Uh huh.

Another reason she cites for addition of the third melon is to make herself unattractive to men. While she says she doesn’t want to date any men ever again, she would still “settle for the sex” with Criss Angel.

Here’s Tridevil dancing to Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

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