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Yesterday Facebook held its first ever Live Q&A video hosted by CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg. If you write code and have an annual subscription to Wired, then chances are you would’ve relished in Mark’s dabbling on enterprise, innovation, and other software jargon which I’ll spare you the few measly hours of trying to explain.

But for the rest of us, things only really got interesting around the 44-minute mark when the host decided get famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld involved.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, what started out as a half-hearted discussion on the Oculus Rift, quickly turned into a conversation about, well, nothing. Jerry was quick to begin asking Mark about the mundane details of his private life, to which the Facebook CEO was more than happy to mundanely answer.

If there was a God and Seinfeld was still on air, chances are the subject matter wouldn’t stray too far from the above video; two run-of-mill, straight males gasbagging about what social media page is most appropriate to look at when you first wake up.

Of course, given the nature of the video, Jerry had to answer some questions from the public. But just as quick as he was to shoot down an offer to “Jim’s Block Party”, he was quick to again start probing Zuckerberg about his private life, about why the Facebook CEO is training for a triathlon and how much he “loves” the smell of a bike shop. Cool.

It may not be “The Contest” or the “Yada-Yada-Yada” episode, but for those of us who still spend hours poring over endless Seinfeld re-runs, this sort of nonsensical, monotonous conversation is fulfilling, for now.

Check out the video in the above gallery.

  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

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