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Jimmy Kimmel, possibly bored with being a relatively inoffensive late-night television host, could have just just launched himself to the forefront of 2015’s beef revival movement by comparing Kanye’s outrageous bid for presidency to Donald Trump’s equally outrageous presidential campaign. A segment that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! splices clips of Kanye’s powerful VMA’s speech/rant with clips of Donald Trump’s various press appearances.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty hilarious compilation. All your favourite quotes make an appearance (that time when Donald Trump used Oreos as an analogy for something versus Kanye fighting for the future of our children), and while it might all be a bit of fun, Kimmel might just find himself at the centre of something bigger than a two minute YouTube video. Ye and Trump are renowned heavyweight beefers, and like a perfect storm, Kimmel may find himself trapped in the greatest beef sandwich of all time. Watch the video in the gallery above and prepare yourself for the best beef of 2015.

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