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Weekly updates

Last night I found myself in a situation that I think is unique to the modern era. See I was at a Mexican joint, enjoying a solo burrito and beer because obviously I have very few friends. In order to further reinforce to the world how cripplingly alone I was, I was scrolling instagram on my phone to mitigate the chance of accidentally making eye contact with another human being. BUT due to the relatively cumbersome nature of a fully-loaded burrito coupled with the stress of juggling a bottle of beer, it was actually kind of tough to keep a free hand on my phone without inadvertently slathering it in hot sauce.

Now the logical solution to this situation would have been to put the phone away until I was done eating, but apparently I’m not alone in this predicament so fuck logic. Some crafty minds over at KFC Germany have devised a super thin wireless bluetooth keyboard that is so easily produced that they can afford to replace the traditional piece of paper that lines the fast food giant’s trays with the tech. The result? You can sync your phone to the keyboard and avoid smudging up your screen with chicken grease as you stalk your ex’s twitter feed. While this was a limited time marketing execution, rather than a full roll out, the fact that KFC was able to swallow the cost of this activation even for a brief window is actually kind of exciting. THE FUTURE IS HERE AND IT COMES WITH A SIDE OF POPCORN CHICKEN.